About Me

I’m currently consulting with small to medium size B2B technology companies that need strategic marketing help – from campaign planning to execution.   

I’ve been head of marketing for SaaS companies since 2014 – Mailgun (2014-2016), Assembla (2016-2017), Qualaroo (2017 – current). I’ve managed the acquisition campaign strategy and planning, paid marketing budget and the revenue numbers following this SaaS metrics model

Prior to SaaS, I have led digital marketing efforts for web hosting companies Rackspace and PEER 1 (now Cogeco).  

My Approach

I walk into marketing with a mindset of generating qualified leads for the sales team. Where do we start? Some companies might be further along in the process so I try to pick up where things have left off versus trying to reinvent the wheel. I want to see pitch decks, customer feedback verbatim, metrics, existing content to determine where we should start. 

Here’s some key steps that need to be taken in order to get to the lead generation step:

  • Research and understand the target persona via surveys, customer phone calls, online community listening 
  • Study existing web analytics and research potential keyword performance for the given industry
  • Brainstorm with sales, customer success, product teams on what content to create and key messages to test
  • Launch gated content in niche channels (based on research)
  • Implement nurture campaigns with intelligent lead scoring
  • Enable the sales team with communication and tools needed when a lead is ready to be picked up
  • Review performance ongoing and continue to optimize 
  • Develop creative ongoing retargeting campaigns for existing leads in the funnel through ads, ABM marketing, direct mail and more

The quality of your website, brand and messaging is determined by your target audience. Your numbers will tell you which gaps to close.

My specializations include: Acquisition campaign strategy and planning, Lead gen, Demand gen, Funnel optimization, Marketing automation, Content and social marketing, Content ideation and creation.

I have experience with: Hubspot, Intercom, Instapage, WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, HTML, Salesforce, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, Zapier, Mailchimp, Pipedrive. 

To get in contact with me, please connect with me on LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/in/angelabartels/

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