Using Qualitative Data to Understand “Unknown” Web Traffic Source

This post was originally published on the Qualaroo blog. When understanding your web traffic in tools such as Google Analytics, there will always be that “I don’t know where this […]

How do you get customers to respond in a world of survey fatigue?

Originally published in my LinkedIn articles.  How many surveys have you received in the past week? I just checked my email and I’ve received 7 total; that averages to 1 […]

Getting To A Strategy: 5 Tactical Things Any SaaS Marketer Can Do

Originally posted on Medium.  And it’s none of these: Hire people Hire agencies Spin up ads Buy swag Book a conference And if you’re going to spend money, I recommend […]

How I Built An Automated Onboarding Program Using Intercom

I published a version of this post on the Mailgun blog here. During my 2 year run as head of marketing for Mailgun, I worked on some amazing projects that […]

Back to Basics with Becky Hammon

  I had the sincere pleasure of watching Becky Hammon speak at the Rackspace Headquarters this morning. With the new gig as the assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs […]