To be Successful (in times like these) requires Creativity

Erik Darmstetter from Salesby5 was interviewed today on the Kens 5 Great Day SA show. He talks about how you can start your own business and you don’t need a lot of money upfront, just a lot of creativity. You have to find what will be a true benefit to the end user. If the uniqueness is absent, you will be forced to compete on price.

You also have to be able to pitch your solution in less than 10 seconds. Nowadays, people are so consumed by so many various distractions – Blogs, iPhones, Blackberrys – you need to gain that interest right away for it to be worth their time.

I have personally met with Erik and my company, PEER 1, will actually be working with him and his company, Salesby5. How did I find out about Salesby5? Twitter! I was doing a search for something and came across the Salesby5 blog. I found the topic at hand interesting and I began to look at what Salesby5 offered. I was instantly impressed. I then come to find out that they are located right here in San Antonio; even more impressive!

I had the pleasure of meeting with Erik and his colleague, Nan Palmero, Chief Inspiration Officer. Nan is a strengths coach, a writer for Blackberry cool, and and an avid Twitterer (is that a word) with l775 followers as of today. I am looking forward to working with both of them.

I’d also like to add that in order for you to be successful, you not only need to have a creative idea but a creative way of getting your idea out there. It is imperative for start ups to embrace social networking. Traditional forms of advertising are expensive and not cost effective for start ups. Further, you need to rely on word of mouth, the best form of marketing, and what greater way then to use the free social networking tools out there. You’d be surprised by the power.

Below is Erik’s interview:
Erik Darmstetter Interview on Great Day SA

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  1. Hey Angela, thank you so much for the kind words. We’re so pleased that we got to meet you and your great team. We look forward to being a catalyst to your success and sharing more sushi at the next tweetup!


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