This is what my husband does at Rackspace

We recently published the following infographic on the Rackspace blog, Cloud Sites in Numbers. Many don’t know but my husband manages a team of engineers that work on all the cloud platform-as-a-service products at Rackspace, including Cloud Sites. Given the size of our company and the fact he’s in an engineer and I’m in marketing, it’s rare that our work ever meets. But in this infographic, it does. We have a lot of history with Cloud Sites and it’s a reason why I am really proud of this piece.

He and one other engineer worked on the Cloud Sites product way back when Cloud Sites was the only cloud product at Rackspace (and before it was even named Cloud Sites), which was before we were married. I remember countless sleepless nights Jason went through attending to various Cloud Sites related issues. He was really passionate about the product (and still is) and was the go to person for a very long time. It’s really amazing to see the growth of the product and the growth of the team that supports the product. My husband continues to expand the platform-as-a-service products at Rackspace and I can’t be more proud of all the work he has done.

Cloud Sites Cloud Sites

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3 thoughts on “This is what my husband does at Rackspace

  1. I remember a few of those sleepless nights myself (including more than once where I woke up after dreaming of errors in log files and running to my laptop to see if they were real or not). I know there were a few periods where Jason and I traded off catching a couple of hours of sleep as we worked 24/7 for days straight. He was definitely the go-to guy–web servers? yep. storage arrays? yep. networking, virtualization, databases? yep–and we wouldn’t have made it through those early days without him. Thanks, man. I’m glad that things are still in your capable hands!

  2. Man, in the early days, Mosso was completely powered by just these things: the blood and sweat from Jason Bartels and some random script on Mike Ortiz’s laptop. 400,000 sites now! That’s nuts. is proudly one of them. I love the platform—thanks for making it great.

  3. It’s been a long road, and I’ve kept an eye out watching the product grow over the years. Much respect and admiration. Keep up the great work, and congrats on all the past and future successes!

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