Nice Writeup about Rackspace in Businessweek

Rackspace received an awesome mention in last week’s BusinessWeek, “How Rackspace beats the Behemoths.” Against all odds, what keeps Rackspace going is our customer service, our “fanaticism.” It’s a culture thing and has everything to do with our leadership team – they are passionate, engaged and far from being flashy. They really want to make a positive impact in the world rather then deepen their pocketbooks, which happens too often in today’s business world.

Here’s a nice quote about Graham:

Weston, 47, is an atypical tech entrepreneur. Raised on a south Texas cattle ranch, he used his penchant for finding value in distressed properties to amass a real estate empire that includes San Antonio’s tallest office building. He lives on lakeside property purchased out of bankruptcy, and resides there with his wife and three kids in a double-wide trailer bought for $50,000 in a foreclosure sale. Weston built up Rackspace’s infrastructure using the same skills: When the dot-com bubble burst, he snapped up three empty data centers for pennies on the dollar. To accommodate the company’s growth, Weston paid $32.7 million for the abandoned Windsor Park Mall, which has 1.2 million square feet of space.

Actions like these have really led the way for Rackspace. But that’s just the beginning. What keeps this place alive are Rackers treating customers to exceptional customer service. That’s our competitive advantage and something we have stuck to since the beginning. It’s not about being big, it’s about being great.

Here’s a nice photo of Graham, Lanham and Lew in the print copy of the article.



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