Bartels or Bartelses? TinyPrints Knows.

This is our fourth year sending holiday cards and all four years I’ve used TinyPrints. This year I was reminded why I always choose them to do my holiday cards.

I placed my order on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning I received a call from a Phoenix, Arizona location. I answered and it was a rep from TinyPrints. My initial thought for the phone call was that maybe they have to verify my credit card information. The rep goes on to talk about my order and how on my return address labels, it said ‘The Bartels.’ She asked if it was referring to my family (more than one) and I said ‘yes.’ What could she be getting at?

She went on to say that the proper plural form would be ‘The Bartelses’ but she recommended saying ‘The Bartels Family’ since the ‘es’ looks a little funny. She asked if I wanted to have it updated.

I had her change the name and she went on to complete my order.

Wow. I’ve always liked using their service because:

  1. They have tons of unique designs from lots of designers.
  2. They have an amazing web interface, from the initial search to customizing your order.
  3. They have great customer service.

They always say that a designer reviews each piece and I can attest to that.

I prefer to do my cards online to save time but still want the feeling of dealing with my own personal designer. TinyPrints gives me that.

To top it off, after I wrote this post, I received a personal, hand written card from Lorien (the lady I spoke to from Phoenix) thanking me for my business.

Here’s our 2011 Holiday Card. Happy Holidays!

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