Thanks for Inspiring Us, Chipotle.

I just hope other large food chains are listening and will follow your footsteps.

Book Review: The Happiness Project

I finally got to finishing The Happiness Project. There was a time when I always had my head in a book. Now my head is in the computer reading countless […]

Talking to AVID Students

I had the opportunity to speak to students at Brennan High School last week. My uncle, a teacher of 20 years, teaches students that are part of the AVID program. […]

Officially a Racker (re-incarnated maybe?)

I haven’t had a chance to blog in a while and not to make any excuses but I am at the Rackspace Cloud now and they don’t mess around when […]

Qualities of a Great Leader

When I read Nan Palmero’s MySA blog posting on his thoughts what makes a great leader, I was inspired to write my own thoughts on leadership. Many of us have […]