Using Qualitative Data to Understand “Unknown” Web Traffic Source

This post was originally published on the Qualaroo blog. When understanding your web traffic in tools such as Google Analytics, there will always be that “I don’t know where this […]

How do you get customers to respond in a world of survey fatigue?

Originally published in my LinkedIn articles.  How many surveys have you received in the past week? I just checked my email and I’ve received 7 total; that averages to 1 […]

Application Programming Interface. Um, Please Explain.

We worked on an infographic recently launched on the Rackspace blog that illustrates what an API is, how it’s used and how quickly the use of API’s has grown. Now, […]

Bartels or Bartelses? TinyPrints Knows.

This is our fourth year sending holiday cards and all four years I’ve used TinyPrints. This year I was reminded why I always choose them to do my holiday cards. […]

Book Review: The Happiness Project

I finally got to finishing The Happiness Project. There was a time when I always had my head in a book. Now my head is in the computer reading countless […]